Favorite/Most Entertaining K Drama Characters


This is not about my favorite lead characters, or about my favorite hotties, or about my favorite shows. I have a ton of characters that I love for various reasons.    This post primarily addresses entertainment value:  characters that I immediately think of for the highest level of entertainment value or a standout character that speaks to me.

angryCha Chi-soo-Flower Boy Raymun Shop:This character just slays me.

Diagnosed with anxiety for being angry. HA!


The Cast of Boys Over Flowers:  I know it’s “cool” now to hate on BOF.   But you know,  I never was a a band wagon jumper or someone to follow the crowd. I know what I like.   I’m objective enough to recognize it’s serious flaws, but say what you will,  for me the show was pretty damn entertaining.





segajoowarKim Joo-won-Secret Garden: Hyun Bin totally owned this character, and  whether goofy or crying his eyes out, from his horny puppy act to his ptsd, this character was entertaining.

oska2Oska-Secret Garden:  Larger than life nutball, that just sucked you in.

cuteHwang Tae-Kyung-You’re Beautiful:  See the Oska comment. Do you see the trend in my character love?  I actually find this drama in whole pretty darn annoying due to the lead female character, whom I cannot stand, and will probably never watch it again, but this guy, this guy….

queenieThe Queen Noguk-Faith:  Serious girl crush. I adored this character, just stellar.

leeminhocoatBuchai/Lee Yoon-sung-City Hunter:  Electrifying, riveting, and can I have his clothes?

jinpragJin Sae-hee-City Hunter:  Calm, cool collected and knew who she was, and I often thought wow, she’s the perfect partner for Yoon-sung.

seong joo1Wee Seon-joo-Dalja’s Spring:  Seon-joo was way more interesting than Dal-ja.  I really loved that she was strong and fierce and jaded but was not malicious.  She told it how she saw it.

chaenungCha Eun-gyeol-To The Beautiful You:  The existence of this character makes the world a brighter place. This drama has no merit other than some of its cast members and the cinematography, but oh how I love Cha Eun-gyeol.

dokimiDokmi-Flower Boy Next Door: I feel Dok-mi.

Honorable Mentions:

The casts of Faith and Coffee Prince and Flower Boy Next Door.

Choi Won-yi from Panda and Hedgehog

Mom and Dad from Reply 1997

Yeo-rim from Sungkyunkwan Scandal


What I have learned about myself:

I obviously enjoy flamboyant and wacky characters with issues.  I also like strong female characters that know who they are.  I think it is interesting that several of these characters are not from my favorite dramas. I’m pretty sure I did not even finish Panda and Hedgehog.

What are some of your favorite most entertaining characters or characters that speak to you?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DDee
    Sep 22, 2013 @ 21:44:28

    Off the top of my head, Dokko Jin! He was hysterical, in all senses of the word. And my beloved Kim Sam Soon who is just balls-out funny, tough and vulnerable. From your list, I totally agree with Seon-joo who is probably one of the best secondary characters in a rom-com ever, in my mind.


    • randomsoju
      Sep 22, 2013 @ 21:56:45

      As much as I love the out there characters, for some reason I did not click with Dokko Jin. He should be right up my alley, but for some reason was a little creepy to me. And I love Kim Sam Soon too,but she’s not on the top of this particular list. She is however on one of my top k drama characters list for sure. Yes, I’ll completely agree on you on Seon-joo as one of THE best secondary characters ever. One day I am going to do a blog on Dal-ja’s Spring, because on paper it should be everything I want in a drama, but it is not on my favorites list, not even close. I think it is a good drama, and actually an important drama when we look at it from a feminist perspective.


  2. Caitlyn
    Sep 23, 2013 @ 23:48:42

    I love that photo set from BOF, it’s like a perfect example of Gu Jun Pyo’s adorable idiocy. I was hating on BOF until I watched it again, and now I’m more in the “actually, it’s not bad” camp.

    I noticed that you’re going to watch Hana Yori Dango. I look forward to seeing what you think of it. I think it’s a hard drama to watch after seeing BOF, because BOF is so much prettier and had a higher budget. If i had watched BOF first and then HYD, i would probably have a completely different opinion of HYD.

    This isn’t a post about BOF, i realise that, lol. I have nothing to add to the Most Entertaining Characters list though. City Hunter *love*


    • randomsoju
      Sep 24, 2013 @ 02:05:46

      I have tried to watch Hana Yori Dango MULTIPLE TIMES. I cannot get past the first few episodes for reasons I will explain later—. I am making myself watch it so I can feel I can do a valid commentary comparing the 3 versions.


  3. kelly199865
    Apr 06, 2014 @ 11:21:17

    I love the way you don’t follow the crowd and start writing hateful comments about BOF. I agree with you that it has serious flaws but I swear the people who said they hate it now once loved it to bits. I am not talking about everyone but I know some people who found BOF AMAZING but then just bash it because it’s “cool” to do it now. Anyway, just discovering your blog and I love it 😀


    • randomsoju
      Apr 06, 2014 @ 20:02:47

      Glad you are enjoying, I agree, it became cool to bash BOF. True that, major flaws, but i also remember how it made me feel at the time, and it was a lot of fun to watch, and the characters were great.


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