This week in K Drama 09/19/2013

Who Are You Epi 15 and 16-Series Wrap-This series ended with a whimper.  I do not mind epilogue finales, but it really tried too hard to make something more connective with the two leads with a small time jump,  and that was unnecessary.  I actually liked the show the most when it stuck to formula ghost of the week, I like my Scooby Doo mysteries.  Kim Jae-wook was pretty great in this, as were all of the secondary characters.  The lead actress was mediocre at best, and my biggest complaint of the show is the crappy female cop character, that did everything that the dumb blonde girls in the horror movies do, except she had someone to save her.  You cannot claim a female character is smart and skilled and not actually write the character as such, well I guess ya can, because this show certainly did that. Smart talented going somewhere people do not do the completely stupid things she did that put herself and other people in danger.   Taecyeon, this was probably a good experience for him, but I will say I do prefer him as a broody taciturn guy rather than a large puppy.  I do not find him all that appealing;  let me qualify that and say he has a rocking body, he’s just not my cup of tea. I think his character in this comes off as stupid on surface level in this drama, when he really was much smarter than Si On.

Masters Sun- Epi 13-I do not particularly care for being emotionally terrorized, because that whole Joong-won ghost thing was totally manipulative.  Flaming pile of been there done that omg are they totally pulling a Boys Over Flowers meets Arang and the Magistrate?  Completely disappointed in this.

Good Doctor-Still watching, Still love the Si On character, I like how that reveal bits and bits of how he really is and really thinks as the series goes on, that his outer mannerisms are just part of who he is, and that most people cannot get past that that.

HEIRS BUILDUP- is driving me CRAZY.  I am really trying not to look but it is difficult.  Is anyone else totally getting a Logan Echolls vibe from the Kim Tan character?!?


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  1. Caitlyn
    Sep 20, 2013 @ 09:20:40

    I don’t really get the “emotional terrorism” thing because there was never a question of what had happened. We knew that he wasn’t dead. I find it pretty funny that exactly what everyone thought had happened, totally happened. He died on the operating table, and now has amnesia. If you read the comments online, that was pretty much what everyone was expecting.


    • randomsoju
      Sep 21, 2013 @ 09:42:20

      “Emotional terrorism”=the use of the death cliff hanger in order to attempt to completely mess with the viewers head and manipulate emotions. Perhaps emotional trolling is more appropos. First it leaves you cold, then it pisses you off. And yeah, you could see the tired tropes coming a mile away.


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