Drama Dilemmas-September 2013

Here is the newest edition of Drama Dilemmas.  This one is a bit really complex, but it should leave one with learning something about their wants and needs.  Maybe?  This is not a quick or easy dilemma, so be forewarned.

So here we go.

What if you had the chance to select your very own “F4, ” in a sense, but with a twist,  from drama CHARACTERS (not the actor,  the CHARACTER). Here are the “rules”:

-You may choose any male character, any drama, but let’s keep it to Asian Dramas.  We are going to pretend these characters can exist in the same time and place apart from the canon of their dramas.   What will be intact is the character and personality.

You have two scenarios, (with sub scenarios because this shit get’s real),  to contemplate.  You can use the same characters for both scenarios or use two different sets of four characters,  your choice.  In the end you must choose only one final scenario.

Scenario 1 Team and Dilemma:  You may choose 4 male drama characters.  These men are your closet friends. Remember, we are suspending disbelief and drama canon here.  You have a modern open relationship with these men,  meaning you have intimate relationships with all four of them, and yes, they are okay with this.  I am not saying you guys all live together in a harem.  Hello, 2013, you are a modern successful career woman, you do not have time for that house frau business. The men however are all friends also, but they all also have careers and busy lives, but somehow it works.  Your dilemma:   You will never marry.  There will be no children (and no you cannot adopt).  You will have a fulfilled happy life with these men, and a fabulous career. Or you can choose to select one of the men as your one true love, you have one child, and you get to keep the other three men as best friends—BUT you also get the antagonists from ALL four of the characters dramas in your life, for your entire lifetime.  Note:  If you choose this scenario (that’s some serious love there btw) and one of your characters comes with more than one antagonist in the drama, just pick one, but it has to be the one you hate the most (example Rooftop Prince, the evil cousin OR the evil sister).

See, I told you, this dilemma is not for the faint of heart.

Scenario 2 and Dilemma:    You get to choose 4 male characters from dramas, and they are your best friends.  You also get to choose 4 female drama characters, from any drama, as you best friends too.   Together you and these eight other people (and eventually they will have sig others and children, etc.) can have a lifetime of friendship and family.   However, you are in love with one of four men, but he does not feel the same for you outside of his platonic love for you as a friend, and never will.  He will love and marry another woman,  and you cannot stand her.  Your dilemma:  You can choose to live your life with these people that will support and love you and deal with your one-sided love and his annoying SO, but there is no guarantee you will find romantic love with someone else.  Or you can have a guaranteed love with someone else,  but in order to do so you must cut all ties with your 8 best friends forever.  You may have children with either choice in Scenario 2.

After working out both scenarios and the dilemmas,  and why you made your choices,  what is your final choice, Scenario 1 or 2, and why?

What did you learn about yourself?

Post your thoughts and choices in comments.

I am posting my choices below so if you do not want to read them before making your choices, stop here until you finish you thoughts and post them.






Here are my thoughts.  I am going to use two different groups per scenario.  When I put my list of 4 together, I basically quickly came up with 8 characters, no question, so hey going to go with it.  Here are the 8 male drama characters I selected for my two teams:

Kim Boong-do-Queen Inhyun’s Man

Ha Min-jae-The Woman That Still Wants to Marry

Choi Han-gyul- Coffee Prince

Choi Young- Faith

Kang Ji-Wook-Scent of A Woman

Yoon Ji Hoo -Boys over Flowers

Seo Jae-hee-Me Too Flower

Su-ha-I Hear Your Voice

Breaking them down into two groups proved problematic.  Obviously for Scenario 1, one would choose 4 characters that that one would feel most sexually compatible with, right?  So for me  that would be Choi Young,  Min Jae, Boong Do, and the fourth spot is a toss up.  I would say Su-ha because the hearing your thoughts thing could be way useful in many ways.   But you also have to consider the mix of personality.   The two most playful characters of my 8 are Min Jae and Han Gyul, so let’s keep them in separate groups to provide some balance there.  Choi Young is rather serious, and so is Kang Ji-wook and Yoon Ji-hoo.  I think I need to keep Choi Young and Kang Ji-wook seperated, to help with balance.  I am going to put Ji-hoo on Team 1 because his character is a good fit with both Min-jae (musicians)  andd Choi Young (fishing), and if I put him on Team 2, that means Team 2 is way too serious and trauma guys loaded.

Scenario 1 Team-Aja!  Aja!


Choi Young

Min Jae

Boong Do

Ji Hoo

In Scenario 1, I choose living a life unmarried and without children with a successful career with four best friend/lovers in my life.  It is not even a choice for me.  To me marriage is more about a legal commitment that anything else, so it is not important to me, and  I would NEVER choose to have children and deal with the threats and machinations of Hair Clip Guy or Poison Guy from Faith, or Dragon Lady Kang from Boys over Flowers, or the Joseon political bs.

Scenario  2 Team!  Fighting!


Choi Han Gyul

Kang Ji-Wook

Seo Jae-hee


Female Besties for Scenario 2-


Go So-ra from Haeundae Lovers

Dok-mi from Flower Boy Next Door

Choi Won-yi from Panda and Hedgehog

Kim Don-ah from Wild Romance

(other female friends I considered just for comparison basis- the biggest contenders were Cha Bong-sun from Me Too Flower and Bu-ki from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. Others- Ga-eul from BOF, the webtoon editor from Flower Boy Next Door, Eun-bi from Flower Boy Raymun Shop,  Park-ha from Rooftop Prince.

I like all of these female characters so any of them are good choices for me.

For me Scenario 2 is a much more difficult decision than in Scenario 1.  For one, just look at those faces, who would not want a “Friends” gang like that?  But, I have been in love with a man with whom I shared friends, and had to deal with him and his SO in social settings.  It is very, very, difficult.  I have to factor in though,  that I actually had a previous intimate relationship with the man, which is NOT the case in this hypothetical scenario.   Having 8 really good friends for a lifetime is something so rare and precious.   I would choose the friendship over guaranteed love.   Time would make me strong enough to deal with my unrequited love, and it is still a possibility that I could fall in love again.   if not, I can still have a happy and fulfilling life because I will be surrounded by really great people that love me and have my back.

It’s really hard to choose between Scenario 1 and Scenario 2:


Scenario 1:  Four best friends/lovers, a happy life, and a good career.   I like sex, but a life time of 4 lovers is a lot of cock, to be frank.  That’s where being busy career people is a good thing.  So,  you also have a successful career, 4 best friends, love,  and a lot of cock.  Ha.

Scenario 2:   Some really bitter pain over time in order to have 8 best friends for life, and maybe you get to fall in love again.

My Choice?  I have has enough emotional pain in my life. Thanks, but no thanks.  Whenever someone asks me what I want, what would make me happy, I always joke, “To be independently wealthy and to be laid well and often.”  Am I really joking?  Maybe not.

Final Answer? 

So with that as a goal, I am thinking Scenario 1 is a best fit for me, and is my final choice.  I’m going with Lots of Cocky Besties Love and a great career as my final answer. 😉

What I have learned:

My life experiences color my choices.  Big time.  I think most people’s life experiences, or lack there of, inform choices, and I am no different.


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