This Week in Dramas 09/14/2013


I am having a serious love/hate annoyed/that was sort of neat relationship with the dramas I am watching.  This has been ongoing.

Good Doctor Episodes 11 and 12 -Si On is just friggin adorable and I want to squeeze him and put him in my pocket.

Dr. TEN and the Hospital Heiress-  I seriously want to punch Dr. TEN in the throat.  The Heiress is a spoiled little brat, but you know what, she’s upfront for the most part with Dr. TEN, even though she was trying to hold onto something that does not seem to be working for either of them.  And finally she got to the point and said, yeah, I am not feeling it either Oppa.   Dr. TEN, he’s with a woman he does not seem to like nor respect, let alone care about, and having googly feelings about his Hoobae, even if he will not admit it yet, and it’s getting to the point where he is even making  Dr. Cha uncomfortable, which is saying something, because she has some personal space and border crossing issues herself.  He’s not a likable character.  Which makes him good writing, but gees it is hard to see why Cha or Siwon should like or respect him on a personal level.

Who Are You Episodes 13 and 14 and Master’s Sun Episodes 11 and 12-I am way not okay with being punked and manipulated emotionally argh.  Obviously Master’s Sun is a punk because, hey, show has to go on and it’s a friggin romance.  Who Are You, are the drama gods really willing to pull another Dream High lead male switcheroo on Taecyeon again, or is the audience being emotionally terrorized?   And I am annoyed with myself on not catching that the coma/soul thing in both the shows was a frigging foreshadowing.  Kudos to the shows for catching me not paying attention.

Who Are You-It sucks to have 2 shows with two characters with the same name.  THIS Si on-does she have to be a damsel in distress every episode?   And if she was supposed to be smart and talented and a top police academy student, then Korea has a huge problem, because a shoebox full of air is more intelligent than this character.   I used to think Taecyeon’s character was the stupid one, but now i just think he’s a puppy and more intelligent than his master.  Like Lassie.  Hurry up, Timmy fell down a well, again!   Si on’s about to get murdered. Again.   At this point I am almost like, oh just gank her, someone will adopt the puppy.   She does the most ridiculous stuff to put herself in danger.    And it’s two epi’s from the end and she still cannot figure out that certain items are talismans when she touches them.  Way to go writers.

Master’s Sun:

The “Jesus Save Me” martyred saint/nun nightgown and the pokes at religion still crack me up.

I do so enjoy Lil Sun.

So annoying that two mature actors in a show that is not targeted for a teen demographic are reduced to sneak attack lip press kiss scenes in which the female lead was possessed or pretending to be possessed so that she does not have to own her sexuality.  Which I knew was going to happen but for some reason I keep hope alive.   BORING AND LAME.  I understand all of the reasons why it happens from cultural mores to the Ministry of Censoring Things.  I am just tired I think, of seeing the exact same kissing scene in 9 out of 10 dramas,

Really, I am at my limit on tired trope after tired trope.  I Hear Your Voice was a refreshing change in subverting some tropes, but will it hold up over time?  For me, maybe, but unfortunately I will be skipping all the parts with the ambiguously nerdy lawyer.     If we do not get a drama with some heat by the close of the year, I am seriously going to have to reduce my K drama viewing to a few a year unless after airing something in my fellow fan aand blogger commentary, and recaps, recommends a show to me.  I am just tired, and I am so over expending my energy on viewing that leaves me thinking-that’s all you’ve got?

This turned into a bit of a cranky rant.  Hopefully I will get over it.  Time will tell.


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  1. Caitlyn
    Sep 14, 2013 @ 21:50:15

    With Master’s Sun, i’m assuming that we’ll get at least one proper kiss from the pair by the end of the show. So far, the relationship hasn’t progressed far enough for them to actually respond to each other in that way yet, and both kisses that we’ve had have been unexpected (to her) so there was no way she could kiss him back. But presumably when they’re actually both awake and lucid and fully aware of each others feelings, lol, we’ll get something more. Hopefully?


    • randomsoju
      Sep 14, 2013 @ 22:24:37

      Do not hold your breath lol. The show is probably using up the sexual content quota on skinship, flirting, and innuendo. What you said is kind of my point-we have teenage plot development with 30 plus year old characters. Kissing should not even be an issue. She’s attracted to him. He’s confessed feelings. They are consenting adults. Ugh.


      • Caitlyn
        Sep 16, 2013 @ 08:59:02

        I’m hoping she at least admits her feelings to him this week or something. I mean, if you think someone’s dead, and then they’re not, that’s gotta make you confess, right?


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