This Week In K Drama 09/07/2013

Do I have to say, Spoilers, Sweeties?

The Good Doctor Episodes 9-10

-Cutest guy EVER cameos as Si On’s dead bro in a vision.


-This drama is slapping us in the face with the religion and the pro life.  We get it, okay?  That they are giving the autistic kid visions and equating him to a prophet  to send the message is kind of annoying.

-Dr. TEN’s heart grows three sizes larger. Yet still an asshat.


-Did  Director and Mom  get busy and the result was dead big bro, or Si On?  Or both?

Who Are You Episodes 11-12

-All of the non-mysteries are confirmed.  This show is not rocket science.

-Lead actress nostrils still distracting.

-Kim Jae-wook is fabulous.

Master’s Sun Episodes 9-10

Fred Joong-won, better clothes, slightly tamed helmet hair.  This is good.

-Okay, still channeling Dokko Jin, but now I think Joong-won was also possessed by Hwang Tae-kyung because of the necklace and talking to inanimate objects thing.  Come on Sisters,  recycling and reductive much?

-Possession Kiss?  That’s all you’ve got?

-We have 2 mature actors, Yet lip press?  Really?

-Good job with NOT WRIST GRABBING .  Points earned!!

Shaggy Kandy Kang was a hoot with his ghost fear.

I heart Daphne Lil Sun.

The Aunt and Uncle are just awesome.

Velma Tae-yang, oh, Tae-yang.  When the guy you are in love with says he thinks he is in love with you and is kind of broken on human interaction, you do not get hung up on  the “think” word.  You grab him by his ears and you kiss the crap out of him, and then you kiss the crap out of him again, and then you go home with him to that bright open bedroom and you put an end to that thinking stuff.

T-Drama Love Around-George Hu.  Annie Chen.  Watch it.

Lee Min-ho is smoking hot and I feel the need to say that even though he has nothing to do with my drama viewing this week.

leemin hot


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