This week in K Drama, and other stuff 08/31/2013

Vent-My new laptop and the keyboard and the “I” key are not getting along perfectly.  The keys are soft and  for some reason my pressure for a cap shift wit the I key is weak.  So if you see lower case i’s instead of capitals sometimes, that is why-I am not always good at catching typos as it is, and that one seems to be a big problem for me.
On to drama comments:

Good Doctor-They are developing Si On and Dr. TEN character wise.  Dr. TEN is still an ass despite having some good qualities.  I can appreciate that bit of real life;  there are plenty of assholes out there that contribute to society.  My problem is that Cha not only admires him, she aligns herself with him politically in the workplace,  she respects him as a person, and considers him a friend.  Professional admiration and professional respect, I get, but come on, the guy is a dick outside of being a good surgeon.  What makes me find him unlikable the most is his engagement to a woman that he does like nor respect.  What is his motivation for the relationship?  Family arranged?  What is worse is that if he is going to be in an arranged or political marriage, one aligns with that person.  Obviously he and Mean Girl are not on the same page.

Si On is not as child like as everyone thought.  The only reason I am still watching is the Si On character,  I will probably keep saying that.  I have learned to recognize Hurry! in Korean thanks to this drama.  I was at a store last week and heard someone say  Palli Palli and just thought, YES!  Score!

Just watched epi’s 7 and 8 of Master’s Sun Saturday night.  My opinions have not changed.  I am not in love with this drama and much of it has to with So Ji Sub, and with his character.  I will not rehash my issues, I have said enough in previous posts.   I will say I like Joong Won’s casual wardrobe much better than the pervy  Hefner garb,  but I did like the gray double breasted suit, save for the high water pants.   I dislike this high water rolled hem fashion trend.  Lee Min Ho and Zo in-sung and his suspenders might be able to pull it off, because they have that lean rangy look, but it just looks like silly on SJS in this show.

Speaking of Zo In-sung and the infamous That Winter, The Wind Blows suspenders. did anyone get the “Oppa is a man too”  vibe from  Joong Won’s speech to Taeyang about friend touching do’s and don’ts and about not being impervious to her need for skinship?

And speaking of clothes, I do like what they are doing with the other characters,  Taeyang’s funky thang,  the Aunt, the Mean Girl, and Hottie Mall Cop Kandy Kang.

I can tolerate the whiney of Taeyang now that I understand her character better, and the reasons for her fears.   She uses it to manipulate, which does not endear her to me.  Gong Hyo-jin’s character portrayals often flirt on the edge of unlikable, and I think that is intentional.   She’s not afraid to go there.   I have read that with her character in Pasta, she had input.  The character was supposed to be a tough girl that stood up to Chef.  My understanding is that GHJ approached the character as more subdued, and passive aggressive manipulative.  After reading that, I can see that she likes to bring that whiney little manipulative girl to most of her characters.  In Best Love, it was there but less so.  Ae-jeong was more of a truth teller trope character, she just did it almost as an aside or under her breath.  Which was one of the best things about that drama-Ae-jeong would just stand there and let Dokko or whomever go on and on and then, bam, she hit them with a question or comment that just blew away all the posturing.  That I can very much see Ae-jeong from Pasta in Taeyang is problematic for me.

I do however like that Taeyang owns her feelings and reactions and that is a big deal to me.  The lust ghost comment slayed me.  So awesome.

And I REALLY like Mean Girl.  I NEVER like the mean girls, mind you.  A lot of people loves the Bitch Lawyer in I Hear Your Voice.  Not me.  Even though I appreciated that she broke the normal trope, I still would trip her and hope she broke something.  But I love what they did with Tae Yi-ryeong on the subway, instead of crying or being a bitch, she owned the situation.  I’d rather watch her and Kandy Kang over the lead couple.   He treats her like shit, and of course, in normal romance novel fashion, she’s all about that.   I really hope she puts him on his knees when he finally gets bit by the love bug.

I may have enjoyed the pretty of Taeyang in her party frock and Kandy Kang’s man boobs in his white t shirt as much as anything else in Epi 8.

Who Are You Episodes 9 and 10:

Taecyeon always appears like he needs to pee.  And he scratches his head a lot.  Might want to check for lice, dood.

-One scene of Kim Jae-wook is worth an entire episode of Good Doctor or Master’s Sun.  He is totally rocking my socks.

I have watched some of Love Around, a Taiwanese Drama. Really, really liking it.  It’s subverting some tropes, and the lead actors are really good.

Sidebar:  Of all the things that can be weird when trying to understand another culture, there are certain things that just strike one.  As an American, I find Koreans and Taiwanese eating hamburgers with knife and fork to be one of those things.  I mean hello, it is not that Americans are not weird- I find the whole orange people tanning thing to be quite bizarre.   Anyhoo,  subs, sandwiches, in these dramas, eaten with the hands, but not hamburgers.   I know that some Europeans and British also eat hamburgers with knife and fork.  I am not trying to be ethnocentric here.   When one eats some Asian foods, using chopsticks is important for the full dining experience because the foods are made to be eaten with chopsticks.  I apply the same logic to hamburgers.  They are made to be eaten with the hands, and eating them with a knife and fork completely changes the culinary experience. My 2 cents.  Nuff said, moving on

One last thought:  George Hu is attractive, but he’s not my cup of tea exactly, almost there,  he’s definitely got a hot bod,  but something about his eyes makes me think of Bush 43.   Which wigs me out.    And then Hu smiles, and I forget where I am.


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  1. Caitlyn
    Sep 02, 2013 @ 06:34:06

    I keep wondering if I should watch Good Doctor, but can’t decide. I’ll see gifs on Tumblr and think it looks cute, but does that cute moment actually mean that the show itself is any good? You pretty much answer my question in your Random Comments, actually. I think I’ll wait and see what the Dramabeans girls give it at the end, and then decide.

    Kim Jae Wook was the reason I was considering Who Are You but after reading some posts about it, I don’t think i’ll bother with it. Master’s Sun can fill my ghost quota, lol


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