Monday Memes 08/19/2013-K POP HEAT


Posting a bit early, have things to do on Monday.   More hot, less meme, this week.  Criteria?  Sweaty or shirtless,  and performing.  Preferably both.  Because we are all here for the music only.   I thought I would spend this week’s post on some of my most favorite K pop songs, and the artist that sing them,  favorite photos of attractive K pop male artists.












tumblr_mm5qq5sxRg1qjwvgso3_250This guy is wasted in a boy group.  Ahem.  ROCK.

tumblr_m9fhojG89i1qde9m3So who wrote a fan fic on this?

raincoolOld School Rain, and kind of artsy.

jhsexAnnnnd ovaries exploded across the globe.

jjOkay so I don’t think this is on stage, but I love this photo.

khj1okay, MV, but do I have to explain why it is here?  No more Japanese bubblegum rock, K?  Gangsta Sunbae is the way to go.   Go see JanDi now, see what happens.

minhoMore THIS.


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