Two Moon Junction-Korean Style?

I read on a few sites that Song Seung-heon was “considering” a role in an “erotic” film.   I am assuming this means some amount of nudity and simulated sexual encounters, possibly to the point of soft core porn.   Many of the commenters over at Dramabeans were totally onboard with this, basically saying  the man should play to his strengths and assets.  I assume that means use his body over his acting skills, or lack there of.   All I can envision is this guy making a bug eyed Dr. Jin face during a sex scene.  Eek.   I personally would rather watch paint dry than watch that man do anything. Okay, maybe with a gag in his mouth and a bag on his head. No, probably not even then. I just cannot stand that guy on my screen.

I can say I vote for Junsu’s Intoxication to be part of the sound track.


Google the lyrics translations if you do not speak Japanese or have any difficulty understanding Junsu’s pronunciation of English words.

Seriously, go read the lyrics NOW.  Junsu you so nasty.   Don’t. Ever. Stop.

Okay then,so  I thought about what actor among my “harem” of favorite idol/actors (for an idol to qualify, they must also do dramas)  would I like to see do an “erotic” film?  First,  I just let thoughts happen off the top of my head and:

Rain definitely came to mind.   The title  of the movie would be Exhibitionist Unfettered.

And then people that are not on my favorites list,  but that I like okay came to mind rather than my favorites.  How about that? The first people that came to mind were not my favorites!:

Jaejoong-I haven’t explored my psyche on why this guy will pop up on me when I’m thinking about uh, sensuality,  and let’s leave it at that.

bang - Copy

Gong Yoo would just own it, wouldn’t he?

gyb - Copy

fds - Copy

So would Jung Woo-sung, because he is so physical.

jws - Copy

And maybe Ji Sung.   But only if he is kind of scruffy.  You can blame that thought on The Panties Song scene for My P.S.Partner.


He actually had on boxers, but thoughts happen when I do these blogs and I took liberties with my meme text.  (PLEASE DO NOT) Sue me.

So, then I was stumped.   I keep picturing Jo In-sung’s orgasm face from A Frozen Flower.   Yeah, as pretty as that movie was to look at, as pretty as Jo In-sung is to look upon, I could do without that mental picture of an orgasm face.  And what about Kim Sung-soo’s splotchy weird skin thing in Sweet Sex And Love?   And then we may also have to deal with the porno bruises.


Anyone that has watched a porn or two knows what that is, right?  For the uninitiated.  Porno bruises are random bruises in weird places.  You know how when you shower or change clothes, and see a bruise and think, “Where did that come from?” Well, that is a porno bruise!

I like men with dimples and sexy bottom lips.    Hyun Bin.  Lee Min Ho.  Why you have to be so bony? Sigh.

Jung Il Woo?  Maybe.

mf - Copy

Seo In-guk.  Kim Soo-hyun.  Hells yes.


WPxpx81376720606 (2)

But who kept popping up in my mind whether I wanted him to or not because this was supposed to be about K-Drama actors?  Taiwanese actor Mike friggin He, ala the Devil Beside You, bobby pins and all.  I swear that man should not have to do anything in dramas but 6 things:  Wear cool clothes,  ooze bad boy (crazy  unrealistic hair required), smile impishly, smile devilishly, smolder, and kiss the crap out of his co-star.

hepins - CopyAnnnnnd bobby pins were suddenly totally cool for guys to wear.  I’m okay with it.  Anyone wanna argue with Bobby McHottie Pin?

hehe - Copy


jchg - CopyThis photo is here simply because this man and this photo are extremely hot eye porn so I am allowed to include it.

Who would you think about for an erotic movie, or even erotic scenes in a drama?  Feel free to add women also, because hey, equal opportunity.  I think we would all agree Yoon Eun Hye would steam up the screen.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DDee
    Aug 18, 2013 @ 02:24:16

    Oh hell yeah Gong Yoo would definitely kill it. And yeah Rain would not suck either. I’d add Kim Ji Hoon and Jung Kyung Ho, but I’d fatten up the latter a bit first. Hmm mulling over this isn’t such a bad way to spend a couple minutes…or hour 😉


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