This Week in K Drama Viewing 08/15/2013

I noticed this week that my K drama thing has definitely influenced my real life. Okay okay, BEYOND that I have to go to the international market to buy my ramen now because the stuff at the grocery store is just not good enough anymore, I crave radish kimchi even though I have to buy a giant package of it and only eat about a fourth of it and have to toss it because it REEKS up my house into scary no trash pick up after the 4th of July badness,    eat most everything with a Korean spoon (greatest thing ever), lust for a Zojirushi rice cooker, and have four bottles of soju in my frig. Ahem, back to the point,  THIS week’s true stories:  I was in the mall today and walked by a store with a male clothing display and one of the mannequins caught my eye and  I thought to myself, “that would be totally something Su-ha would wear.”  Outside the mall, I saw a woman wearing a Barbie Pink sleeveless top and a man with her wearing a t-shirt the same color and all I  could think was- holy cow couple outfits, ugly and weird in the U.S. as it is in Korea.

Okay then, On to actual drama specific content:

The Good Doctor Episodes 3-4

I am already tired of the hospital politics.

I am so over the contrived Si On  “screw ups.”  If one more person hits him I hope he ties them down and carves out their liver with his green scalpel.  Slowly.   I mean , really, how many times did he get in trouble and was treated like dirt in one episode? Ugh.

The medical stuff leaves me scratching my head in translation, but the administrative stuff, really, just what the hell?  Who runs a hospital like that or treats people like that?  Flash back to Golden Time!   Or allows kids to run around in the halls or mothers to run around as a screeching ahjumma gang?   Or turns away an emergency patient due to that they might die?  WTF?

The end of 3 and beginning of 4 with the dramatic close ups of all parties in their face masks trying to express dramatic tension despite only the eyes visible and the split screen showing the faces of all the observers=craptastic scene of the week.

I like the parallels being drawn between Dr. Ten and Si On.  At the end of the day, they are alone, trying to find enough peace to fall asleep.

I like the kids.

I pretty much want to stab the rich hospital heiress  for simply breathing in an annoying manner, and kind of feel sorry for her because Dr. Ten is SO not into her, and she is desperately trying to keep hope alive.  And then I want to stab Dr. Ten for being in a relationship that is obviously not going to work for him and is just going through the motions.

Who Are You Episodes 5-6

This Si On=damsel in distress much?  Disappointing female lead as a police officer.   Here’s a lesson, if someone is trying to bury you alive and you managed to take him down with a walkie talkie to the face, do not stop hitting him until he is a bloody pulp.  Not only did she stop after the first smackdown, she took him down more than once and stopped each time and tried to run away.   And she was not safe until she reached her big gangly puppy.

I swear Taecyeon’s character is like Scooby and Shaggy’s love child.

Kim Jae-wook.  More, please.

Master’s Sun Episode 3 and 4

Episode 3:

Okay, the running from ghosts is just silly now.  i can understand being startled or freaked when they appear, but the running thing just makes Taeyang look like an idiot.  As the does the pouty little girl speak when she is talking to Helmet Hair.   Annoying.

Did anyone else notice the continuity issue with the shoes matching in the confront the cheater hubby scene?  That was just sloppy and unnecessary.

Seo In-guk.  Not ugly.

Does it not  bother anyone that Taeyang is fondle raping and rubbing up Helmet Hair?  As much as the hair grabbing scene was disturbing in a past episode, the fact that Taeyang just cops a feel on this guy and he’s like whoa, invade personal space much lady, is also in the same category of not cool to me.    i understand the character motivation for her, but seriously, I do not find it okay that people are squeeing about skinship in this situation.

Give me a pair of good scissors and 10 minutes with Helmet Hair.  Please.  Get used to the hair comments.  I’m Taeyang with the pillow, okay?

I am really trying hard to watch this show because, hey, it’s been a drama wasteland for me this year, but I am having trouble liking the two lead characters.

Episode 4:

I think I like Taeyang better possessed by the dead first love.  Scary huh?

The white gown and the billowing hero shirt-thumbs up.


I loved Helmet Hair’s bedroom.   The blue and gold/beige color scheme with the sun coming in the window, oh that just makes me happy.  I love sleeping in a room with sun streaming in, so happy making.  Very nice visual and weren’t the two of them just lovely to watch in that scene?

Seo In-guk.  So NOT UGLY.

Pun Fun and Sexual Innuendo and Foreshadowing that the attraction REALLY is not going to work—-Soooooo Taeyang (THE SUN) can’t melt the ice cream bar by sucking on it, so Kang Woo has to beat it.  OMG, really.  That happened.  And doesn’t bode well for any intimate relationship for Ghost Girl and  Hottie Mall Cop!  My understanding-which is rudimentary-the name Kang is associated with Ginger (root), which is associated with providing warmth and energy.

Sometimes I feel Helmet Hair is a pale version of Dokko Jin.  Dokko Jin was bat shit cra cra, but at least he was entertaining.  I cannot say the same for Helmet Hair.

chanf gong sogong

So ji-sub is not my cup of tea, he leaves me cold in his role choices, and and I just generally do not find him appealing.  Maybe he needs some Ginger, ha.   I have no reason not to “feel” him, but there it is.   But whoa,  he has NICE hands.  I’d hand him the nail clipper and a file because long nails on a guy squick me, but NICE hands.   I find random things attractive, I know.

Jesus Save Me. Ha, ha, snort, snicker.  I love this, what a poke at the futility of prayer.  I had noticed the religious icons on the wall but the in your face with the dress was just epic.

This is what happens when the ghost of a psycho drag queen gets a hold of you, Queenie of the Damned channels Bette Davis and yanks out your inner Beatrix Lestrange:

hair…AND you still have better hair than Helmet Head!

Is it obvious I liked this episode more than I have liked the first 3 episodes?  Why do I feel this drama is really just beginning now?

Sidenote of the Week:  So they drop No Friggin Min Woo in the middle of run of The Blade and The Petal?  NOT fair.  Still not watching that show. Sageukery and scraggly facial hair.  Shudder.    Not even for No Min Woo.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 10:10:11

    Definitely with you on episode 4 being the best so far. I’m not loving this show, although I like it enough to keep watching. But ep 4 definitely made me think “ok, it has potential”.

    I’m warming up to So Ji Sub, which I’m at least thankful for because I didn’t like him at all in the first 2 eps. And it’s no fun to watch a show and dislike the main character, lol.

    I have no problem at all with Gong Shil being all over Joong Won. You’re right, we totally should be thinking that it’s wrong and No means No, but… yeah, I dunno, it doesn’t bother me at all.

    And hell yes the freaking shoes! I was looking at them thinking “but, they’re different colours…”. Surely it was someone’s job on set to make sure the shoes were identical, considering that was the whole point of showing them together…

    And you know, I thought Yi Ryeong looked like No Min Woo in the party scene, with the hair and the feathers. Was it just me?


    • randomsoju
      Aug 16, 2013 @ 12:27:04

      I did not have a No Min woo vibe, but now you mention it…he would have been great as a cameo as the drag queen ghost!

      It was not that someone on set made an error, it was an editing error. The two pairs of shoes were not identical, the dye was slightly different between the two pairs. That was how Helmet Hair could tell them apart. He put mistress shoe next to wife shoe and they were slightly different. The continuity issue occurred because when they showed him pairing up the wife shoe mates-because it was frames of the mistress shoe and wife shoe mismatches instead pf a pair of matching shoes. Lazy or careless editing.


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