Revisiting You’re Beautiful


Plot:  Young woman 20ish,  poses as twin brother with a k pop band to keep his spot in the band while he is abroad getting a botched plastic surgery fix.  Sister is a novice NUN.  Band is three weird guys that live together.


Let the wacky forced proximity and crushes and gender confusion ensue.

What I remembered from the first viewing:

The female lead was a novice…nun?  Er..okay then.

I really disliked the female lead character. REALLY DISLIKED. ALOT.

Jang Geun-suk was a hoot.


Piggy Bunny!

Uee, as a mean girl?  No!

Jeremy was cute.

The second lead was cute.

The bug eye kiss(es) were scary.


After the second viewing:

ybhotThis is way hotter than anything you will actually see in the drama.

The religious factor that was not really all that devout was just weird,in the show, but in analysis is pretty funny.  Idol worship, I mean seriously, how can you not love the writer. Nuns, idol worship, Jeremy as Buddha, so damn funny.   I thought for one hot minute about diving into a crit analysis on this film with religious connotation and gnostic elements but let’s just leave that I take my hat off to the writers for creating a novice nun that ditches God for an idol.   Just a few words on the nun stuff.  The female lead really did not seem to pray to God, but to her Mother Superior?    To become a nun in the 21rst century, one has to have an undergraduate degree (yes, I actually knew that) and those that take the veil do not do it lightly or without their faith being challenged and questioned over YEARS of preparation.  Thus, this girl entering the nunhood simply because she was raised in a Catholic orphanage is just silly.  And I am not sure how this girl, Mi-nyu, made it out of kindergarten let along would manage a bachelors degree.  Mi-nyu finally managed some ovular fortitude way late in the game but really all she did was trade worshiping Mother Superior for worshiping Hwang Tae Kyung.  Seriously, this whole thing was a pun, idol worship,  I’m still stuck on the funny.

I still really, really, disliked this female lead character.  Mostly because she was an idiot and probably should not even be allowed to go to the bathroom alone.

Mi-nyu had little going on for her other than a good heart.  She literally was space dust hanging out around the nearest star.  In the end, she was trotting off to Africa to volunteer with Mother Superior on good works (before coming back to be Hwang Tae Kyungs’ girlfriend).  Really?  Who funded that?  Did she become a missionary?  That is all well and good, but doesn’t she need to figure out how to support herself?  Shouldn’t she be doing something like, oh, pursuing an education or figuring out a career?

Jang Geun-suk was still a hoot.  Mostly because of Piggy Bunny. When he turned the pig over after cutting out the nose, so funny.  The posturing and duck lips did get old though when marathoning.




My favorite line:  Tae-kyung to Yoo He yi:  “You look luxurious and pretty.  In other words, fake.”

Jeremy was still cute.  Weird and oddly effeminate and oh so cute.  Our little Buddha.

Kang Shin-woo, the second lead character, I liked him at first, and that is what I remembered from the first viewing, the slightly mischievous , I know she’s a girl, let’s see what happens here, guy.  Then he turned into kind of a I live in my own special world creeper.  He was more interested in how Mi-nyu made him feel and trying to plan the perfect moment for HIMself, not actually interacting or being with her.

creepCreeper Alert!

Uee-I love her.  Her character was a brat, no doubt, but I love Uee.

I had forgotten about the manager and the makeup and clothes lady.  Their fantasies were hysterical.

There were a A LOT of hairstyle continuity issues with Jang Geun-suk .  A LOT.  There were some with Park Shin-hye, also.

Hwang Tae Kyungs’ bat shit crazy mother- treating your son like crap throughout his life cannot be undone with one moment of clarity.

This drama had a lot of one off cute moments but it to me was mostly a hot mess of cringing over the Mi-nyu character.


Piggy Bunny rules.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. snow_white
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 22:18:59

    I LOVE this drama ♥
    In fact, even on watching it twice, I can watch it for infinite number of times…’s so much fun with so much heart 🙂


  2. Caitlyn
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 23:33:26

    I’ve been watching the Taiwanese version, and I also watched the Japanese version. Both of those versions have made me think “wait, was the Korean one like this as well? It’s not very good…”. I remember really liking You’re Beautiful but it was the first Korean drama that I watched, so I can’t trust my judgement at that time. I’m going to just never watch it again, because i don’t want to ruin the memory of my first k-drama. That was a pretty important moment in my life, lol


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