Drama God for A Day

So, I was thinking what would happen if I had a say in the making a Korean Drama:

Ha!  And this happened. I kept it to a list of 20 things:

1. No romantic triangle.  The  supporting cast will be friends or antagonists depending upon the plot.  There can be a secondary romance between other cast members, but there will be none of that one sided love or triangle or supposed to marry me because our family knows each other bs.

2. There will be a wrist grab scene.  At which point the female lead will kick the male lead in the back of the knee and take him down either to an arm twist behind his back, or possibly she will find the need to punch him in the throat.  Or nads.  It all works for me.

3. The female lead will not be a virgin or pretending to be a virgin or that she is not a sexual being.  Neither will the male lead for that matter.

queeninhyun9aChoi Hee Jin, no shrinking violet there

4. One or more characters in the drama will be gay. I am thinking a female character, because we just do not see that at all.

5.  The female lead will have friends and or/close female relatives.

wtsetmLee Shin Young, kim Boo Ki, and  Jung Da Jung,  more of this please.

6. The female lead will be self sufficient and capable and will not be cooking or cleaning anything FOR the male lead, they can work together, but none of that house frau crap.

7. The male lead will not be neutered (see # 3), or a father figure,  or a brother figure, and will never ever kiss the female lead on the forehead or pat her on the head.

8. The first person that mentions an accidental or indirect kiss will be executed.

cottoncandykissSERIOUSLY?  NO.

9.  The antagonist will NOT be redeemed or forgiven in the end.  Karma will send them off to a sadist who will torture them daily.

senaBitch needs to die, ya know?

10. There will be no ridiculous high heels and no high heels unless the scene calls for it.  Like a clubbing night or a formal event.  Girlfriend will have good shoes to take her to good places but they are more likely to be a pair of Doc Martens.  Unless you are  someone like Ji-an and it is your career to design high heels.  She’s allowed.

11.  There will also be no silly shorts or skirts so short you could see a tampon string in the DEAD of winter.   Conversely there will be no ugly ass church lady clothes or little girl clothes either.

12.  The male lead will never ever pick out clothes for the female lead.  Because they would be ugly ass church lady clothes.

13. There will be no poor people wearing high end designer clothing.

poorgirldesignerI live in a tiny hovel and do not eat so I can afford to dress like this.

14.  If there is a character age difference, everyone will be legal.

15.   If there is an overseas separation, we will not pretend that it is not the 21rst century or an alternate universe and that cell phones and internet and airplanes do not exist or cease to function when you leave the country.

16.  It’s okay to just speak Korean in a Korean drama.  No making an actor that does not speak another language to try to speak another language.

17.  If the male lead is a bad boy, he has to stay a bad boy.  There will be no falling for a bad boy and changing him bs.   Guys either have to be “pirates,  AND good men” to their partner or not.

chichisoojerjCha Chi-soo,  mad as a hatter and a total dick from start to finish and Eun-bi loved him anyway

18.  The characters will actually eat during a drama.

19.  There would possibly be a goodie trail scene, messy man bedhead, and a guy wearing shorts.  There may still be guyliner, because I do like my metrosexual men.

20.  Banned:  Bug eye and sneak attack kisses. The female lead might actually kiss the guy first, and with an open mouth.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn
    Aug 04, 2013 @ 23:24:20

    Hell yes to this one – 15. If there is an overseas separation, we will not pretend that it is not the 21st century or an alternate universe and that cell phones and internet and airplanes do not exist or cease to function when you leave the country.


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