Monstar Episode 11 Thoughts

I thought the episode was just as good as all the others, just slower paced. I LOVED how Seol Chan finally just talked to Se-yi as a normal person, and addressed his jealousy, his feelings, rationally.  The reason for the Seol Chan and Sun-woo conflict feels a little incomplete, but we may or may not see further development on that as there is only one more episode.  There are WAY too many plot bunnies loose for a cohesive resolution in the final.  But I realized that about two episodes ago so I have been prepared to have loose ends.  Not to mention, this is K drama AND a teen drama. No way is everything going to be tied up neatly in a bow.

We’ve got:

-Seol Chan/Sun woo conflict-plot bunny Seol Chan relationship with his parents

-Se-yi/Mom conflict

-Mom/Ahjussi conflict

-Thailand Boy

-Battle of the “Bands”

-Nana Crush

-Se-yi/Seol Chan come out as a couple or Dream High (either one) ending?

-Is Gym Teacher ever going to win the attention of the Aunt teacher?  I wish my high school gym teacher looked like that.

-Kids that need to get a butt whooping:  The Psycho Sister and the Cymbals Bully Boy.

Did I forget anything?

The biggest thing I will lament is not seeing Kim Nana grab Sun woo and kiss the crap out of him…and then walk away and start dating some other guy, preferably some smoking hot multi-talented idol that Seol Chan hooks her up with.   That is  never going to happen except in a fan fiction, but hey,  we all have our little drama wants. But as much as I love Nana, she has much the same problem as Sun-woo.   Her advice to him is applicable to herself.

And my parting thought:  Sun-woo.  Tight blue t-shirt.  Not ugly.  Just saying.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Caitlyn
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 08:47:59

    I would love Nana to full on pash Sun Woo, that would be awesome. But alas, in a teen drama, we’re lucky to get a hand hold, lol. Oh, Thai boy was such a random and way too late addition to the show. How is his story going to get resolved at all!? Why are the writers trying to do so much in so little time? Do you think they forgot that it was only 12 episodes? lol


  2. Caitlyn
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 05:06:13

    Ha ha, oh no, there’s nothing of substance on my blog. It’s mostly just random comments about dramas I’m watching, and the 30 Day Drama Challenge, lol.

    And that’s a good point, although i guess just because a show isn’t a live shoot doesn’t mean they had the script finished before they started filming. They were probably still writing it as they were filming.


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