I Hear Your Voice Episodes 15 and 16

This drama continues as a good product. I look forward to the last two episodes.

-Lee Jong Seok should always wear tank tops.  Just saying.

-All of the characters get their little moments to shine.

-Why was Nerd Lawyer cool and not wearing glasses as a detective?  This character presentation confuses me.

-The legal aspect continues to defy logic and is the flaw of this drama.  It is particularly glaring due to the overall good quality of the work.  It is quite disappointing that logic is sacrificed for a lazy way to make plot elements work. Shame on you drama gods.

-I am not a fan of the actress portraying the mean girl.  I appreciate that the writer has fleshed out the second lead female but I find this role wasted on this actress. She is quite plastic her face might crack if it moves.  And I just find I do not care about this character. One moment of grace does not redeem decades of mean and ill spirited behavior.

-I had a sense of dread with the Vader references, both the visor comment and the judge robe snapping in epi 15. Did I make a pun?   Anyway  was the purpose the sense of dread, portent of the return of scary ahjussi or a foreshadowing of a reveal?   I vote no to a reveal!

-Ep 15 definitely dragged a bit and I will admit 16 found my attention wandering. While the extension has hurt the pace the drama makers have used the time wisely and wrap the secondary storyline.  Also these two episodes have lulled us and the main characters into a false sense of security. The sharp swerve in the dream illustrated this perfectly but Su Ha nor we the audience were ready yet. Thus when the cell was stolen the warning bell did not go off for Su Ha. When Hye Sung was not where she was supposed to be my creeper alert went code red and I knew we were back to the chase.  But the lull made the phone call all the more jarring, surreal for both Su Ha and us.  Episodes 15 and 16 were the calm before the storm. Well played drama gods.


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