Junsu is Incredible


Oh, Junsu, there is no one like you.  Only you could wear a hat with flowers on it in a music video and get the girl in the end.

Incredible has a lot going on and nothing going on.  The music video for Incredible invokes a late 1980’s to mid 1990’s feel.  It pulls in the aerobic dance video genre of the 1980’s but also has the colorful hip hop flavored energy of  the 1990’s.  It also humorously gives the ambiance of a L.A house pool party…with a porno being shot in the bedroom.  Whether that is intentional or not, I found it pretty amusing.  The girl, nameless, not really a focus,  simply a foil for Junsu, is reminiscent of Nicole Richie in her hipster/hippie persona, except the actress has a European-ness about her.   Junsu is not really saying anything in this video, other than have some fun-I met a cute spacey hippie girl at a dance party and she was incredible.  It is just a basic summertime catchy tune.  With off the hook dance routines, which we would expect nothing less from from Junsu.    It is not the same  stunning effect as in Tarantallegra, but the high energy dance routines are stellar.   I also love the female dancers that Junsu uses in this video (as well as in Tarantellegra).  Make no mistake, these women are very attractive and extremely fit.  But you feel you are looking at women in an advanced aerobics class.  They do not look like the Korean or American idol/celebrity media promoted ideal body image of ultra super thin waifs. As with his last concept (Tarantallegra and Even Though I Already Know)  there are a lot of cut together footage giving it a montage presentation. I would not be surprised to see another song come out with a video using some of the same footage.  I personally was not a fan of the blurry shaky cinematography style.  This seems prevalent in a lot of Korean videos in the last few years, and it is used with a heavy hand in Incredible.  The rap feature by Quincy was a weak link.  The rap is catchy enough but I think it is actually Quincy that does not seem to be “feeling” it.

The dancers and extras are multi-ethnic, which is a rarity in a Korean music video. This was a U.S. collaboration with the producer from the Uncommitted video.  That said, it does not come across as all that American, or Korean,  in fact, some of the extras and the dancers  have a bit of a European vibe, which gives it a definitive global edge.  It appears that it is targeted at a global audience.  Go Junsu.

Junsu just seems to get more thin every time he has a new project.  Which is a shame, because I liked his physique as it was, and let’s be real,  he had that…butt.  A defining asset, pun intended.  And in my perception, he continues to have “adjustments” done to his face, specifically his jaw and cheeks.   He was already unbelievably adorable, no improvements needed.

Junsu, you are the one that is incredible. Shake your spaceship candy all you want. you are out of this world awesome.


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