Kim Hyun Joong: Concept Guy


I like Kim Hyun-joong.  I really do.  I mean, it is not like I know him, because let’s be real, what we know is what celebs want us to know.   I think his public persona is charming and he’s likeable.  I think he’s a good little soldier and does exactly what he’s supposed to do for his agency and his career.   I like his music.  I like him in Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss and Barefoot Friends. My cat is named after his character in BOF.

That said, he cracks me up with his concept videos, especially when he goes gangsta with the fake tattoos.  Putting on a hoodie and bling and drawing on yourself does not make one a hip hop artist.  I think it’s great that he’s not afraid to jump from one genre to the next.  Breakdown was really fun to watch. And hot. And laid down a sick rap, and yes I know it was a bit sexist.   I hate when artists are stuck with labels and should be free to go from genre to genre.  I actually like him better with an edge to him,  instead of sugary sweet or cute pop music guy.  But it is a little weird to see him go from his Japanese bubblegum pop rock persona to another gangsta concept for his new video, Unbreakable.  Not that it’s not awesome and hot.  And Jay Park who?   Not complaining there.  Except that horse looks like it needs a sandwich and the Lamborghini turns into a…cow.    I know, I know, I get it, the car, the horse, I guess it is supposed to be a bull, is all about virility.  Yeah.  I am all for imagery and metaphor and post modernism, but,  really, the bovine?


See, even Woo Bin says what’s up with the cow?

Side note: I also wonder if the same person directed this video as did Jaejoong’s “Mine” (Which was so freaking awesome by the way and really cool on point self expression-loved how Jaejoong went dark to express something positive).

So after reflecting on this, I think it is the fake tats that make me want to scream “poser” before I try to step back and try to remember Kim Hyun-joong’s “thing” is the concept image.

And people that appreciate Kim Hyun Joong’s physical assets that want to just cut to the chase go to the 2:40 mark 😉



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