I Hear Your Voice Episode 13

I Hear Your Voice Episode 13

Just to be clear, I do not do recaps.  I leave that to the professionals.  I just express my thoughts.   I  have a tendency to make up nicknames for characters.  I am not objectifying nor dismissing the characters by not calling them by name. I know their names.  Sometimes I just like to entertain myself. They are not always clever nicknames, just the way I think sometimes.


-Another good, fairly even episode.  While not the most exciting episode it kept the viewer engaged by weaving the Mr. Pouty Mouth Su-ha/Hye-sung moments throughout the other threads.  I also love how this show gives even the tertiary characters something more to do than just be filler, and allows them a moment in the limelight.

-The episode was not filler; it carried the main plot along but also began pulling in plot bunnies.  Specifically, Mean Daddy Judge/Brain Tumor Convict plot line and how it connects to Mean Girl Lawyer.   None of it is a surprise.  I think we all saw this plot thread from the beginning of the show.   It will be interesting if it stays the course, if the writer throws us a curve ball with it,  or if it will further connect to Su-ha’s father and the Scary Gorton’s Fishman.

-I have never, ever, seen a lead couple that have the comfort level that Pouty Mouth and Hye-sung have together, ah, these actors are just ON POINT.  It is as if they have know each other forever.  Really, I have never seen anything like it.  Not even the cast in Coffee Prince can touch the Lee Jong Seok/Lee Bo Young Connection.  It really plays into the plot, as it perfectly demonstrates the benefit of having a partner that can read your mind and the complete trust you develop for someone that you feel will not lie to you.  As this episode ends with Su-ha’s confession of his memory return, well, the trust issue may rear its ugly head.

-Nice parallel thread when Nerd Lawyer and Hye-sung were expressing their mutual admiration societies, and illustrating how the characters have grown.  It is also a illustration that shows even though no one is perfectly balanced, it does not mean they do not have something to contribute.   This really expresses how it can be in the workplace; people that have vastly different personalities and styles, and work methods often complement each other or balance each other, to create the team needed to get the job done.

-It looks like a separation time jump will send Su-ha off to military training/police academy.  Being able to read minds appears to be a great skill to have for say, a detective.   I think we all picked up on that a while ago, this episode just led us further down that trail.   I hesitate to say that it’s a sure thing though.

-Ah, those shoulders.  That is all.


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