Monstar Episode 9


-It’s obviously teenage love-Se Yi and Seol Chan do nothing but think about each other.  Now if they can stop being passive aggressive.

-The montage where Seol Chan is in the studio recording-for some reason the song totally invoked a Boys Over Flowers vibe.

-The show itself also for some reason makes me think of Meteor Garden.  I thinks it’s the scenes with all the foliage, the lush verdant greenery and the appearance of humidity.  Also the alley’s sometimes remind me of the scenes of  outside of Shancai’s house. Oh, good grief, now I have visions of Jerry Yan in that sleeveless sin magnet shirt.

-Se Yi as a character is losing her charm for me.  She had some grit, which seems to be going by the way side as she becomes a shrinking violet with male attention and cries in the street over another guy without being honest about it to her supposed boyfriend. Ugh.  Snap out of  it girlie before Kim NaNa snaps your neck.

-I’m looking forward to more interaction between Sun-woo and Kim NaNa.  I had thought about this on a Dramabeans thread on Epi  8 and decided I better save that thought haha:   I like the “vibe” when Kim NaNa and Sun-woo interact. I see a subtle difference in how Sun-woo acts when he is around Kim NaNa, I do not know what the actor is doing, but it’s almost like he, as the character, wants to drop the perfect boy act, as he is attracted to her ability to buck the rules. He’s just MORE..more human, more male, more interesting-not more male in a protective big brother or father figure way, but almost primal way, when they interact. I do not know how to describe it. I just feel it. I noticed this from the start, and thought, well hello, there is chemistry there.

-Looks like we will be seeing Eun-ha’s story soon.

-The kiss.  You know what would be great?   If they would actually just talk it out.  Se yi and Seol Chan were still dancing around the attraction.  Actions speak louder than words so I guess Seol Chan just threw it out there with the lip press.  It would be great if it wasn’t a sneak attack kiss and he didn’t have to force it on her, by actually restraining her until she “gives in”  because, you know, that crap gets old.  It would be nice if we saw the female lead go hey, great idea, and smoochies her crush back.  I don’t mind the surprise kiss on occasion, but this one leaves me cold.    That said the previous almost kiss where she was breathing in his mouth was WAY more interesting  than this kiss.

-Yong Joon-hyung really impresses me with this role. He is just on point.   He’s just doing a great job.


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