I Hear Your Voice Episode 12

Brief Random Thoughts:

-Su-ha’s hints of pre-amnesia Su-ha behavior- Grouchy face crumpling up the Nerd Lawyer’s business card and tossing it aside.  The determination in his eyes after Nerd Lawyer was harsh with him.

-The use of the color yellow in the episode.  Honestly, I haven’t really paid that much attention to color use in the cinematography of this drama. I have been riveted by the actors, all of them, lead, secondary, tertiary, just really good.   At Su-ha’s trial I did wonder if  Hye-sung was purposely dressed in the colors of the ROK Flag.  But in this episode, yellow:  Su-ha’s slippers, Hye-sung’s blouse, the sticky notes, and even the cheese.  I  googled yellow and Korea and the hits suggest that yellow is associated with good luck.  If anyone deserves good luck, it’s Su-ha.

-The contrast of Old Su-ha and amnesia Su-ha illustrates how life experiences (and well, the ability to hear others thoughts and be a martial arts butt kicker haha) can shape you.  Old Su-ha was much more mature, wiser, confident, older than his years.  Amnesia Su-ha is a vulnerable puppy.    Not sure how much more a writer would have to slap someone in the face to illustrate that experiences can level the playing field in maturity versus physical age.

Reaction to Su-ha’s nosebleed: If the writer gives this kid a brain tumor there will revenge plotting that will occur that will make Old Boy and I Saw the Devil look like Disney flicks.  Just saying, don’t go there. -Fierce Glare-


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